Woodlands Spa and Conscious Living Centre

Woodlands Spa and Conscious Living Centre are excited about the new offerings available to clients. Under dynamic new management, Woodlands Spa is offering invigorating, as well as soul soothing treatments and therapies. The Spa will cater specifically to your individual needs, ensuring that your body, mind and soul are rejuvenated and refreshed. Our facilities are unique and inviting to individuals, couples or groups, all of which we welcome. Apart from treatments and special packages, Woodlands Spa has a hydro area offering a hot and cold pool, as well as a steam room.

The Conscious Living Centre enhances your experience offering you a range of consultations for energy recovery. Our highly skilled doctors, therapists and coaches can be booked for Breathwork, Body Talk, acupuncture, kahuna massage, energy and integrative lifestyle coaching, counselling and Ayurvedic sessions. An inviting menu is available at Woodlands River Cafe offering wholesome and nutritional meals.

Spend time enjoying the beauty of Woodlands with wide open spaces to meditate, journal, daydream or soul search. The environment at Woodlands provides a space for reflection and contemplation renewing the mind, energizing the body, and uplifting the soul.

We invite you to Woodlands Spa and Conscious Living Centre to enjoy a sensory and meaningful experience which will leave you with a sense of vitality, new found energy and joy.