The Energy Code: Mastering Energy in the Age of Burnout

by Dr Ela Manga

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The Energy Code: Mastering Energy in the Age of Burnout by Dr Ela Manga

We are facing a global personal and collective energy crisis. Being busy and exhausted is becoming a shared narrative of modern living. Energy is not just an expression of our physical health, but also of our mental and emotional functioning. The nature of digitally based modern lives means that our natural energy sources are constantly being tugged at and pulled on. The skill we require now is no longer balance, but rather integration. This requires an awareness of the natural laws that govern energy and ways we can harness stress in a positive way, at the same time staying centred in midst of chaos.

The Energy Code brilliantly shines light on the basic laws of energy by weaving together neuroscience and Eastern philosophy. “The fractured distractions and demands of our digitalised lives have drained us of our inherent life force. As we tumble into a vortex of disconnection, our natural energy resources are constantly being depleted,” says author of The Energy Code, Dr Ela Manga. “A few years into my career as a medical doctor, I started to notice an alarming trend. Passionate people, who were making a difference in the world, entrepreneurs, human rights activists, NGO and health care workers, change makers, visionaries and artists, moms staying at home to raise future fit children were starting to lose their fire. They were burning out. And it was showing up in all kinds of ways, emotionally, physiologically, in their relationships and at work. Burnout didn’t happen suddenly, it kind of crept up on them and before they knew it, they felt disconnected from the passion that had defined them.”

Jay Naidoo says of The Energy Code: “It is a ground-breaking guide to inner wellbeing and transformation.”

Through compelling real-life stories, the symptoms and causes of burnout are explored, highlighting the difference between stressful adrenalised energy versus a more sustainable authentic energy. The Energy Code tackles the challenges of mastering health, vocation and meaningful relationships, guiding us to an authentic life of inner change and sustained vitality.

“This book is a gift to all who strive for better balance and wellbeing. Ela is uniquely qualified, drawing from her medical practice and her breathwork and holistic practices to bring invaluable insights and coping strategies for the full life we all aspire to have,” says Wendy Lucas-Bull, Chairperson of Barclays Africa Group Ltd.

It is the crystallisation of Ela’s experience and insights gained in the cutting-edge science of mindfulness based energy management. The Energy Code is an illuminating user-friendly guide to help develop conscious strategies and habits to master our health and energy.

“The Energy Code offers humanity desperately needed access to uncommon wisdom to live as effortlessly as Nature does. An Oak tree was once an acorn seed – imagine if we could remember what seed we came from!” – Dr Wendy Luhabe, economic activist.